So, here’s a thing that’s been happening the past couple of days…

Yesterday, my temps jumped up higher than they’ve been since I was pregnant, and stayed there today.  (A clear triphasic BBT, for those of you who chart.)  My chart looks *exactly* like my pregnant chart, and unlike any of my non-pregnant charts (I’ve only ever seen a 99.1F reading when I was pregnant — I have high temps in general, but my normal luteal phase temp is 98.6-98.8).  So I got excited and tested this morning (13 dpo).

BFN.  (Negative, for those not into fertility lingo.)

Then I noticed that the test was expired by several months.  And I’m using the cheapies.

I told my husband, and he said, “Well, clearly we should go crazy and freak out because your temperatures have been elevated for two days.  Either that or we should be depressed and miserable because a cheap expired pregnancy test told you you weren’t pregnant.”  (That made me laugh… I love my husband!)

So, tonight I’ll go buy a good test from the drug store, and tomorrow, we shall see.

I thought I was ready to not be pregnant this cycle.  And now my head is swimming.  Maybe I’m just a little bit sick.  But what a coincidence for my temperature to get elevated to exactly the same level on exactly the same day it did in my pregnant cycle!  And I had a slow temp rise with ovulation this month… the coverline told me that this is 13dpo, but that means that I would have ovulated a day sooner after the OPK turned positive than I usually do.   So maybe I’m actually 12dpo?  It’s easy to imagine that a cheap expired pregnancy test would be negative at 12dpo (or maybe even 13dpo).  And if I am pregnant this month, it’s approximately the worst possible timing on the academic calendar — I’d be due on Halloween, give or take a day, so I probably wouldn’t be able to teach a whole class in the fall and would have to take leave next semester, but then I might have my baby as late as mid-November, which would mean only two months of leave before I’d have to start teaching again.  Then I kick myself — who cares about the timing?  I might be pregnant again!  I might have a chance at a living baby!  I’ll do anything for that chance, and the academic calendar… we’d figure something out.

So anyway, today I’ve got babybabybabybabybaby running through my head, which sucks because I really need to get some work done (my lecture prep for this afternoon… nonexistent).  Maybe I’ll go do that now… I’ll have news one way or another in the next day or two!  Ah, the uncertainty and emotional hiccups of TTC…


One thought on “Hunh.

  1. TryTryAgain

    Arrrgh!!! It’s so bloody difficult isn’t it?! I tested negative at 11dpo today and know that my period is coming, but i’ll be watching your blog first thing tomorrow to see if you have some good news! Ive got everything crossed that those temps are a good sign!! xx


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