Thanks, Miscarriage Memoirs!


What a lovely surprise this week to see that Miscarriage Memoirs nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award. Thank you!

In the ~3.5 months that I’ve been actively blogging on this site, I’ve seen a lot of these awards pop up for my fellow bloggers, and it always makes me happy.  That said, it’s hard for me to think of a single blog I follow that *hasn’t* been nominated for one of these awards in recent days.  So I’ll do the nominations, because it’s fun to give some love to my favorite blogs, but will not expect my nominees to follow up. 🙂

Here’s what’s supposed to happen next:

1) Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site [check!]
2) Put the award logo on your blog [check!]
3) Answer the ten questions the nominator has set for you
4) Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer, and
5) Nominate 10 people.

My nominator didn’t ask 10 questions, so I can’t do part 3.  But I can do part 5!  In no particular order, here are my nominees — or really, the blogs that brighten up my day when I see that they’ve posted something new.  I’m thinking about this nomination process as helping to spread the word about my favorite people posting stuff in the blogosphere.  (Several of these blogs don’t follow me, so they’re unlikely even to realize that I’ve nominated them!)  And without further ado, here’s my mix of favorite pregnancy loss / infertility / academia blogs:

1) Try, Try again – one of my favorite RPL bloggers. 🙂
2) Tenure, She Wrote – academia, with a beautiful diversity of guest bloggers and subject matter
3) Expecting the Unexpected – a Connecticut midwife dealing with neonatal loss
4) Adoptive Black Mom – journey of an adoptive mom who recently brought home Hope, age 13
5) Small Pond Science – doing science at a teaching-oriented, minority-serving institution
6) My Perfect Breakdown – RPL, and now international adoption.  What a journey.
7) Hope Jahren Sure Can Write – the title says it all! Female scientist, academia-oriented blog
8) The Sky and Back – secondary infertility and the death of her mom
9) My Missing Ingredient is Patience – relatively new on the infertility scene; check her out!
10) Adventures of a Labor Nurse – lots of silly listicles, some useful health info, interspersed with beautiful reflections on being present at the start of a new life. This is the post that made me love her blog.

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