No, Amazon, I do not want to subscribe and save.

Whelp, we’re a few days into a new cycle, and I’m running low on OPKs.  So I went to Amazon to buy another one.  Guess what it kept encouraging me to do?

Subscribe and save!

If a human being had actually thought about it for half a second, they probably would have realized that NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY, wants to subscribe to (bi)monthly purchases of ovulation predictor kits.  Especially not to save a measly 5% ($1.80) on a kit that actually lasts 4 months (at least when my period is not on the fritz).  Setting up a subscription to OPKs would be way too much like giving up and admitting that I’m going to need a boatload before this is all done.  It’s worth much more than 40 cents a month to me to stubbornly avoid clicking the “subscribe” button.

Where’s the “this is my last purchase of this product ever” button???

This short post brought to you by a very hectic week and a strong desire not to think too hard about the fact that I’m not pregnant again (my Google history will tell you a different story, but let’s just pretend).  Right now, the only thing I have to say about our pregnancy journey is that I’m both really looking forward to and sort of freaked out about our appointment with the RE on May 12.  We’ll give it another try in the meantime, but I’m not holding my breath.  Hoping everyone else is out enjoying the spring weather!

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