It’s been a few weeks since I posted an update, so I figured I’d put up a brief post.  I think the two main pregnant-physicist-related news items are:

  • I’m still waiting for my period.  It’s been 6 weeks since I stopped bleeding, so I’m starting to get impatient (they say to expect your period 4-6 weeks after a miscarriage).  I’ve got a follow-up appointment with the OBGYN in August, so hopefully it’ll show up before then, but I’m still in limbo otherwise.
  • According to the pediatrician, S is officially a late talker.  He’s a 16+ months now, and we can self-refer to our state early intervention office anytime — the pediatrician recommended waiting until 18 months (even though he’s officially late already), so that’s what I’m planning to do for now.  Lots of people tell me it’s too early to really worry, that boys talk late, etc., etc… but I’ve got to say that unlike some of the other milestones, I really don’t see any signs that talking is even on the horizon.  He’s still missing things that he was supposed to be doing at 12 months — trying to mimic words that we say, babbling with a wide variety of consonants and vowels (if anything, I hear less variety now than I did at 12 months), no mama/dada, etc.  I’m not actually all that worried yet — his comprehension is great (so much so that we’ve had to start spelling certain words), he makes his needs known, including through a couple of signs, and he’s super-social.  If anything, I suspect it’s limited to a production problem rather than a comprehension problem or autism spectrum issue (I filled out the M-CHAT and he scored just fine).  But it’s one of those situations in which you’ve got to strike a tricky balance between being laid-back and letting your kid develop at his own pace while not missing out on opportunities to help out your kid if they need it.  Language seems to be one of those areas where early intervention can really help (and isn’t going to hurt), so I don’t want to wait too long, but I also suspect he’ll be just fine in the long run.

Otherwise, we’re having a nice, busy summer.  I just started parent-baby swimming classes with S at the YMCA last week, and I count it a success since he didn’t cry the whole time. 🙂 I invited a friend whose daughter is in S’s daycare group (she’s a few months younger) to join us, and I think that was a great idea — the kids clearly enjoyed seeing each other in this otherwise scary new situation.  We also took S to the beach when we visited my mom this weekend, and after some initial skepticism, he loved playing in the sand and knocking down the sand castles that we made by filling buckets with sand.  He is SUCH a happy kid these days — really goofy and giggly, still snuggly and velcroed to his mama in new situations but warming up pretty quickly, and I have to say that I am loving these early toddler months.  It is amazing how much he’s learning and doing, his sleeping schedule has settled into long nights and a chunky midday nap, and he’s still got a huge dose of baby sweetness combined with toddler curiosity, a sense of humor and emerging personality — there’s never a dull moment, and it’s so much fun (most of the time).

Well, that’s all I checked in to say… I hope I’ll have more news to post here sometime soon once the miscarriage waiting game is finally over.  Happy summer to all!


7 thoughts on “Update

  1. My Perfect Breakdown

    I was just thinking about you, so I’m glad you posted. I hope your period returns to normal pretty quickly! Also, I relate to the slow speech. We just got a referal to a pediatrician and speech therapist due to little MPB not meeting the required number of words for his age. I’ve seen this coming, and I’ve been obsessing with it for what feels like forever now. I’m not at all worried about it and am really just happy that he’ll get some extra help. Mr. MPB on the other hand seems shocked and very worried (which I find almost funny because it’s not like I’d been obsessing quietly, so this shouldn’t be a surprise to him). Anyways, all this is to say that I understand the speech concerns and I hope everything turns out just fine for out little boys. ❤

    1. lyra211 Post author

      Oh, it’s helpful to hear that you are going through this too! I’m so glad you were able to get the help little MPB needs — I’ve heard so many great stories about kids blossoming in speech therapy. Hopefully that’ll be little MPB too. It just seems like such a no-brainer, since speech therapy doesn’t really have any down sides — it can only help, and won’t do any harm. Would love to hear what your experience with it is like!

      And yeah, Mr. MPB’s reaction sounds kind of silly (not so much the freaking out, but the freaking out after ignoring your freaking out for months!). 🙂 These things don’t exactly sneak up on you! I mean, as much as I was afraid of developmental delays before S was born, now that he’s here and it’s actually happening I’m much less afraid. He’s my kid, you know? He’s so wonderful in so many ways, and this is just one little part of who he is. It’s a little painful to hear the other babies in his daycare group who are months younger than him start to say more and more words, but that’s the worst of it — having a speech delay doesn’t make me appreciate him any less. My husband’s parents were just visiting and they knew about my conversation with the pediatrician about the speech delay, and it was like they took every opportunity while they were here to say, “Oh, look, he’s so smart, he understands so many things. There’s nothing wrong with him. He’ll talk when he’s ready.” Well, yes. I didn’t actually need that reassurance. It’s not like I’m worried there’s something “wrong” with him — he’s my perfect little boy. But it seems like maybe he could use some help with talking, and if things keep going the way they’re going, I’ll happily get that help for him and not freak out about it. It seems like they’re focusing on the problem, and I’m not at all focused on the problem (if there even is one), but rather on thinking about ways to help my kid develop and grow in his own way, whatever way that turns out to be. Anyway, I know you get it. But Mr. MPB’s reaction reminded me of the weird tension I felt during my in-laws’ visit last week.

  2. jwhitworth7

    You’ve been on my mind! Hopefully the cycle will be regular by the OB appt. I think your approach to his speech is an excellent one. You’re doing all that you can this early at the same time realizing that al children develop differently. I hope swim lessons continue to be fun for you guys! And I agree! These toddler months are so fun!

    1. lyra211 Post author

      Thanks! I hope swim lessons continue to be fun for us too. 🙂 Is L still taking lessons? (I guess you probably stopped now that O is born!) I remember you posting video a while ago — I hope S is eventually that confident in the water!

      1. jwhitworth7

        He’s done three different sessions. We decided to take a break this summer since Olivia was joining us. We are hoping to get him to an outdoor pool soon. I know it’s important they continue to be in water to feel comfortable. Have you ever heard of infant life saving swim lessons? Apparently it teaches babies to flip to their back and float but it is like just throwing them in. There’s no way I could do that to Luke. I guess my philosophy is he should never be left alone near water or put in a situation where he would need those life saving skills this early on.

      2. lyra211 Post author

        Oh, totally — I’ve also heard there’s no evidence those classes actually save lives. Apparently it’s really hard for kids to translate what they learn in a controlled environment to an actual emergency — not surprising, since it’s hard for adults too! It’s great that Luke has been enjoying his lessons so much. S is… not thrilled with the water so far. But we only had his 2nd lesson last night, and he was definitely more comfortable than the first lesson. He still clings to my side like a little spider monkey and refuses to do any of the kicking or even sitting on the side of the pool (unless he’s clutching my neck!), but since he seemed a little more comfortable this time we’ll keep trying and see if he gets any more adventurous over the next few weeks. I think it’s great that you started Luke so young and have been keeping it up!

      3. jwhitworth7

        I think S will end up being just fine in the pool. It always takes a few times for Luke to warm up in a new social situation too. It’s awesome you are giving him that opportunity!

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