More procedures

I met with the RE again today to go over the month of testing that turned into three months of testing, and it did not go quite as I’d expected.

From what the nurse practitioner told me after my SHG, I thought there were a few irregularities with lining thickness that showed up, and that was all.  From what the radiologist told me at my HSG last week, I thought there were some hints of synechiae, but that it didn’t look like a big deal.  Apparently, taken together, my RE thinks that these results are a big enough deal that now I need an MRI and a hysteroscopy, and that my husband and I should hold off on trying again until both of those procedures have been completed.

The MRI is to determine whether or not I have fibroids.  Apparently the shape of my uterus on the SHG was irregular enough that she thinks there’s a possibility of fibroids — but she also said that the irregular shape could be caused only by adhesions, which it’s pretty clear that I do have at some level.  I don’t need to do the MRI, strictly speaking, since they could probably figure everything out during the hysteroscopy — but it will determine whether or not the irregularities are due to fibroids before I have the hysteroscopy, which is important mostly so that I know what to expect going into the procedure (since fibroid removal is a bigger deal that adhesion removal).  Then, the hysteroscopy is supposed to go in and fix whatever adhesions are kicking around in there, plus the fibroids if they exist.  Since I have a history of adhesions, and since adhesions can cause RPL, and since I now have two tests results pointing to adhesions in my uterine cavity, she says she thinks we should definitely do the hysteroscopy to remove them before trying again.

In theory, this course of action makes practical sense.  In practice, I am bummed that this testing/treatment process is just dragging out indefinitely.  What I initially thought would be one month of testing (in December) will now be a minimum of four months of testing/treatment, and it sucks.  And I don’t even know when we’ll be able to start TTC after that — it depends on whether it’s fibroids or just adhesions.

One step forward, two steps back.

So, that’s where I am now.  I don’t know a whole lot about timing at this point — I have to call to find out about MRI scheduling tomorrow.  She said she could probably do the hysteroscopy on my next cycle, but only if they can do the MRI *and* schedule a pre-op appointment before then, which means during the next 2-3 weeks.  So, things are a little bit up in the air right now — I have a treatment plan, but I don’t know how long it’s going to take or what to expect in terms of recovery time afterwards.  Ugh.

Anyway, I’m mostly managing to be zen about it — I’m really just discouraged by the long, slow timeline, but it’s nothing I’m not used to at this point.  Mainly I’m sad that we aren’t supposed to TTC until this is over.  It just feels like so much wasted time that I don’t have. But, all of my other tests looked good, including ovarian reserve, so I’m trying to remind myself that a few months here or there are unlikely to make a difference in the long run and that this currently looks like the best route to a new healthy pregnancy.

I’ll keep y’all updated.

10 thoughts on “More procedures

  1. jwhitworth7

    I’m sorry that this process is being dragged out. I know that a wasted cycle feels like a loss in and of itself. I hope that once you have these things done you have some answers to what is going on. Thinking of you and wishing you the best!

    1. lyra211 Post author

      Thanks, Jennifer — you’re right that each wasted cycle feels like a loss, but I know it’s all to increase the chance that the next pregnancy will be healthy, so I should probably think about it that way. Thank you for the good thoughts!

      1. jwhitworth7

        That is an excellent way to think about it! The reward of waiting will pay off. And keep in mind the fact you have a healthy thriving baby is so important!

  2. Erin @Splitmom

    Just think, by summer time, you could be TTC with your greatest possible chance of carrying to term, and what a relief and blessing and joy that would be. Living in daily fear during a pregnancy is wretched and you have been there so many times. If this problem could be solved and then you conceive, well that sounds like the best of all worlds. I know, every cycle feels like a waste, but keep holding that zen for just a little bit longer. Most of all, good luck!

    1. lyra211 Post author

      From your lips to God’s ears, as they say — let’s hope it winds up being that straightforward. Although I think I’m in for some daily fear whether or not I have this hysteroscopy. Trying to hold onto the zen!

    1. lyra211 Post author

      Thank you — I hope it does too. We’ll see… I wish there were any guarantees about this process, but my RE is optimistic and I think I am too.

  3. Dani

    I know how frustrating it is to go from just one test to another oh and then another and suddenly several months have slipped away. I feel for you! But hopefully this gives you the best outcome in the end and wishing you lots of zen ☺️


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